The three main types of Men lederhosen

There are three main types of knee breeches. They are:

  • Conventional classic knee breeches
  • Long leather trousers
  • Leather shorts

Classic knee breeches
These are a versatile option and their traditional style is very popular.
They feature classic bridge straps or braces with a braid pattern.

Long leather trousers
Long leather pants are an intriguing option for those interested in expanding their Trachten collection. These traditional leather pants are ankle length and usually have a straight leg. They are worn without suspenders but an elaborate Trachten belt is essential.

Men lederhosen shorts
The legs of these shorts are a mid-thigh length and are perfect for summer and the Oktoberfest - which actually starts in September! They are also usually worn with suspenders.

All three variants are available in a simple design but also with elaborate decorations and a range of colours. The trouser legs, for example, are usually decorated with detailed embroidery. These embroidery elements can have a reference to a club or a country or simply traditional themes, such as alpine flowers. Krüger Dirndl has its own leather pants from the region of Württemberg, Bavaria and Austria, as well as high-quality traditional styles adorned with edelweiss flowers, deer and much more along the trouser legs and across the bib of the Tracht leather pants.

What should I look for when buying a traditional pair of Lederhosen?

OK, so you've decided you need a pair of leather pants. But how do you know what size to order and what else to look for? The main thing to remember is that tight is good! When you try on a pair of lederhosen for the first time, they should be really tights. Super, butt-crunchingly tight! This is because the leather from which they are made is a natural product and will considerably expand over time because of your body heat and constant movement, especially in the leg and buttocks. The only area that should not quite as wide is the waistband. Nevertheless, the men's leather pants in the waistband can be individually adjusted by a lacing on the back. Feel free to take a look at our size chart, which illustrates the measurements of the waist and hips.

How to care for your leather pants for men

Over time, leather trousers acquire a certain something - an aroma, a weathered appearance, a patina of indefinable charm. It is something that cannot be bought but has to be earned. Lederhosen do not mind if you have a few stains after a grand visit to Wiesn, if you have sweated like a pig, or if one or two scratches are visible on the leather. If you are really bothered, you can clean individual spots. For this purpose, it is recommended to work the stain with a leather brush or a leather eraser. As an alternative, you can also work out the stain with sparkling water and a gentle, rotating movement. If you feel that they should be thoroughly cleaned, we recommend using a professional leather cleaning service. The washing machine is taboo!
If you feel they are a bit whiffy, giving them an airing often suffices. However, they are intended to be manly workwear, and frankly, a bit of grease and wear and tear adds to the genuine appearance of the article.

How to style your leather pants

There are a few rules for wearing lederhosen if you want to cut a dashing figure in them. Traditionally, the lederhosen for men is usually combined with a shirt, socks and the famous Haferlschuhe - a type of brogue. Haferlschuhe are now available in many versions, from traditional-simple to stylish-sporty. But even simple trainers work well with the optimal traditional Lederhosen look.

To complete the outfit, a costume shirt and the warm traditional jacket with horn buttons is also suitable. However, the key piece of every men's traditional costumes outfit has to be the genuine leather pants for men. Matching traditional stockings complete the outfit.

Nevertheless, the leather pants also look great when styled with a simple t-shirt or hoodie. This combination is very popular with the ladies!

Trachten Lederhosen Trends 2019

It's a truism to say that a man's wardrobe does not change as often as a lady's. Nevertheless, one thing has definitely made itself felt. The crisp, Tracht shorts are now definitely one of the highlights of the Oktoberfest outfit and many other occasions. This is because it is more versatile than other more traditional versions of the garment.
The braces are left in the closet, instead, men in 2019 are more likely to grab a nice traditional belt. And for an even more casual look, the stylish Trachten-sneaker always looks hot.

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