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Trachten Jackets

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Trachten jackets for men

When it's time to get ready for the Oktoberfest or any other important occasion, you want to dress up and look your best. To help you prepare, here's the lowdown on one essential item that should be a key part of your ensemble - the Trachten jacket for men.

Eye-catching traditional jackets for men

Many regions in Germany have produced their own costumes throughout their history, garments that are invested with symbolism and reveal a lot of information about the wearer. However, most traditional costumes have disappeared over time and can now only be admired in museums. They would seem pretty out of place today, amongst all the modern fashion. The one exception to the rule is the Bavarian costume. Trachten is not only the most famous costume among the German costumes but is a living costume, which is still gladly worn and maintained in many ways. Dirndl, Lederhosen and Trachten jackets for men and women are still to be found everywhere and there has been a real hype for quite some time. Trachten is simply on-trend and traditional jerseys and Bavarian shirts can, for example, be easily worn in everyday life, when combined with jeans and trainers for a modern take on a traditional look.

Discover Trachten fashion - a self-confident expression of living tradition

The Bavarians - a rustic and friendly people who have a strong self-confidence and the desire to maintain their traditions and keep them alive; they keep their traditional folk festivals alive as well as traditional Trachten fashions. This means that the traditional garments are anything but outdated and dusty. They are timeless garments not only worn by elderly folks in the countryside, but also by young people in the big cities. Originally, traditional costumes were also developed in the cities - the dirndl, for example, originated as a maid's dress in the nineteenth century. In the countryside, dirndls, Lederhosen and traditional jackets for men and women were unknown for a long time and did not spread there until later.

Trachten - a cosmopolitan Kruger fashion

Today, dirndl, lederhosen and Trachten jackets for men and women are well-known and loved far beyond the borders of Bavaria and Germany. It is regarded as a cosmopolitan look for fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen, and this is mainly because of the institution that is the Oktoberfest. After all, the Oktoberfest has long ceased to be a regional folk festival but is a world-famous event. Several million people are lured to the Oktoberfest festival, which is held in Munich every year in early autumn. In addition, offshoots of the famous festival are celebrated in other countries, where numerous people sporting dirndl, lederhosen and Trachten jackets for men and women can be seen. This is because on these days, everyone wants to be Bavarian and want to belong and this is expressed by the fashion. Tra
chten is an absolute must.

Traditional jackets for men are very eye-catching

Today, Dirndl, Lederhosen and Trachten jackets for men and women are no longer clothes that are brought exclusively for public festivals out of the closet, but fashion items that are quite suitable for everyday use. In many regions of Bavaria and Austria, but also beyond, Dirndl, Lederhosen and Trachten jackets for men and women are often worn in everyday life, because they stand apart from the uniformity of modern fashion items. Colourful and cheeky, they epitomise enjoyment of life and pure fashion awareness. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, traditional fashion is becoming more and more popular.

The choice of the right traditional jacket for men

This is especially true of Trachten jackets for men. However, one Trachten jacket is not the same as any other. The Krüger online store offers numerous Trachten models that differ in material, cut and fabric. Here are some examples:

  • The "Höhenfeuer"
    The "Höhenfeuer" is a classic Trachten model and is a quilted jacket made of 100 percent cotton. Anthracite coloured, it really stands out from the crowd, thanks to its red or blue piping on the pockets and outer edges, as well as the eye-catching button placket. This jacket perfectly completes any outfit and particularly the leather pants and the traditional shirt.
  • The "Gipfelstürmer"
    The "Gipfelstürmer" jacket also looks very classy and features buttons made from antlers which are very eye-catching. This jacket is made of polyester and elastane, so it can adapt perfectly to all body shapes.

Traditional men's jersey Trachten jacket in a modern hoodie style

Kruger is also a purveyor of polyester quilted jackets, such as men's traditional jerseys, cut in a modern hoodie style. These, like all our men's traditional costumes, are very warm and, thanks to the added hoods, offer excellent protection against wind and weather. A Trachten jacket for men is, therefore, anything but a mere accessory for a folk festival, Trachten is actually well suited for everyday use in everyday life. A Trachten jacket was originally designed to do physical work, so it is made to be very sturdy and durable. These characteristics have been preserved over the generations. You can be confident of buying a garment for life when you choose a Trachten jacket for men from the Krüger online store.