Boys Lederhosen

Leather lederhosen and costumes are very trendy

Leather lederhosen for children are an important part of the Oktoberfest, just as much as the Hendl, the Weißwurst and the beer. And the Oktoberfest has long spread far beyond the borders of the country and is celebrated worldwide. When it spread across the world, the Oktoberfest took the costume with it so that in the US and China, for example, the traditional boys' lederhosen shorts are worn by everyone who wants to feel part of the culture. And no matter where the Oktoberfest is celebrated, on these turbulent days in early autumn, everyone feels united when wearing the Bavarian country fashion.

Different types of boys' lederhosen

Lederhosen shorts for children have been made according to the same pattern for generations. There are two forms of lederhosen for boys. They are:

  • Short trousers. This type of Trachten has thigh-length trousers; these are regarded as working trousers and were worn on weekdays and for hunting.
  • The Kniebundhose. This type of lederhosen shorts have legs that fall just below the knee and are tied with a leather strap. The Kniebundhose were used as a holiday wear.

Both types of boys' lederhosen are still available today. They are made of genuine leather, which makes the traditional trousers for children extremely durable and robust. Both the shorts and the knee breeches are dyed black or brown and decorated with ornate embroidery. Also typical of the boys' lederhosen is the eye-catching front bib, the so-called Hosentürl, as well as a pocket on the right side of the trousers, which is intended for the Nickerl, Bavaria's traditional hunting knife. However, there are many other colours and styles of leather lederhosen.

Regional variations in boys' lederhosen

Boys' lederhosen, however, differ in some ways. You can recognise which region the Kniebundhose comes, for example, by the shape of the seat. If the leather lederhosen comes from the East of Bavaria, from Tyrol, the area around Salzburg or from Upper Austria, the seam on the back of the pants is made in a plate shape. For lederhosen shorts from Styria, Allgäu or Carinthia, the seam runs vertically. However, these differences only exist in the knee breeches for children. Lederhosen for boys, however, do have one thing in common. They always have integrated suspenders made of leather, which are also connected with a crossbar.

Accessories for children's leather pants by Krüger Dirndl

Boys' lederhosen are traditionally combined with other accessories, such as trouser stockings that are pulled up over the knee. The trousers are tied up over the trouser stockings to prevent them from falling down. The shorts are traditionally combined with brogues although this is no longer compulsory today. Occasionally, a kind of wide belt is worn with the traditional boys' lederhosen, the so-called Ranzen. However, the braces are also very popular. At present, traditional boys' shorts are mainly worn as a special piece of clothing at folk festivals, such as the Oktoberfest. In everyday life, they are mainly used in southern regions of the German-speaking world. Many people predict that the everyday use of traditional trousers for children will be more widespread. This is because they are comfortable, practical, hard-wearing, and, most importantly, look great!

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