Dirndl blouses

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The beautiful Snow White Dirndl Blouse

The famous Snow White top is straight out of a Grimm's fairy tale. Like the Carmen top, it also has a plunging neckline that can be adjusted to suit. Generally, a Snow White collar looks great with a chic short-haired hairstyle or an elegant updo. However, purists insist that this blouse should only be worn with a Snow White dirndl.

These versatile blouses can be worn in any manner of combinations. Of course, they are designed to be worn with Trachten, but they also look very cute with a pair of jeans or shorts!

The sleeves

Choose from classic puff sleeves, elegant lace sleeves or traditional cotton sleeves. The puffed sleeves are very flattering and make your waist appear narrow, while tight lace sleeves make your arms look slim.
Traditional Bavarian cropped tops can have either short or long sleeves.


The main colours are white, ecru and black - neutral colours that complement the bright colours and details of the full skirt and apron.

White and ecru tops work well with anything. They always look fantastic, whether styled with a pair of jeans or as part of the traditional Trachten costume.

The black blouse is usually only worn when dark colours or black and metallic tones appear in the dirndl. A black top enhances every outfit in a completely different way. It immediately looks even more elegant and sophisticated. This is why black blouses are often worn in the evening or at festivities, such as the Oktoberfest and various parties.


Traditional tops are usually made from cotton, silk and various synthetic fibres. High-quality cotton is recommended by the experts at Kruger.

Which style is right for me?

It's a fact that dirndl blouses draw attention to one area in particular - the bust. These blouses are easier to wear if you have a small bust and, in fact, the style often creates a very flattering cleavage. A lace top with a sweetheart neckline that can be individually altered is a good idea. If you want to attract attention, why not experiment with a matching Dirndl bra and some silicone inserts?
Eye-catching statement necklaces are also a good way of drawing attention to the area! If you have a small bust, make sure that the entire outfit and the dirndl top fit like a glove, otherwise, you will lose part of the bodice effect. Dirndl blouses with a straight neckline are rather counterproductive and unfavourable since they visually reduce the bust size.

If you have a larger bust, you need to decide whether you want to maximise the impact of your full decolletage properly or not. If you are generously endowed, look for a top with an adjustable neckline so you can adapt your cleavage. Of course, if you want to showcase your bust, you can wear just about any dirndl blouse!
A good tip is to make sure that you wear a well-fitting bra the bodice is in the middle of the chest. However, if you want to hide your bust a bit, opt for a high-necked style with a Snow White collar.

Don't forget to finish the look with fine jewellery, in the form of chains and bangles.

Traditional bras

Matching underwear for your Trachten top is very important and can be bought from the Dirndl Bra & Co. As mentioned above, a matching bra provides plenty of support to your bust from the side and below, leaving everything held in perfect shape. It's essential to guarantee the optimum fit of the top. Silicone inserts can be used with this type of bra which can add a whole extra cup size.


Complete your look by paying attention to accessories. A high-necked blouse looks very stylish with an updo and a traditional charivari - a type of decorative chain - at the skirt. There are enchanting earrings, national costume necklaces and various types of charivaris, which can look even more effective with the right hairstyle. Braids are really fashionable at the moment and are the perfect way to instantly achieve that forest maiden look.

The latest trends

Trachten is a traditional look, but certain trends come and go. Lace and high-necked blouses are currently really popular, creating a sweet, yet elegant look. If you followed the trends in 2017, high-necked and lace dirndl blouses were the flavour of the moment. Dirndl blouses instantly upgrade every outfit and create a sweet yet elegant look.

The absolute NO GO

Never wear the dress or bodice without a dirndl blouse. There is nothing worse than looking over the Wiesn grounds at the Oktoberfest and seeing girls without a dirndl blouse - especially if you can see the entire bra! If the seller or the description does not explicitly say that the traditional dirndl can be worn without one, you can assume that a dirndl blouse must be worn underneath!


There are several traditional tops for every type of woman and for dozens of different occasions. Krüger certainly has the right top for your figure to create the Trachten outfit of your dreams.

If you are still unsure about how to buy a top that fits you properly and looks amazing, the team at Kruger are happy to advise you by phone at 07153 9388-320 or locally in one of our branches in Wernau and Stuttgart and at various retailers.

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