Sexy Lederhosen for Wiesn 2020

Trendy Trachten Lederhosen for Women from Krüger Dirndl

Sexy yet practical, women's lederhosen make wonderful alternatives to dirndls for Oktoberfest and other special occasions. Check out our online store and you’ll find many gorgeous garments to choose from, including classic pieces, Bermuda lederhosen and more. If you’re in the Stuttgart or Wernau areas, you can shop for trachten clothing in our bricks-and-mortar shops. You can also purchase our women's lederhosen from official Krüger Dirndl sellers.

The Origins of Women's Lederhosen

Today, these distinctive leather trousers tend to be associated with Oktoberfest, but they were originally worn for more practical reasons. German clothes designers are believed to have adapted them from the culottes commonly worn by aristocratic men in France and other European countries by adding suspenders (or lederhosenträger), for example. The drop-style front is said to have been a Bavarian innovation. The German versions were also crafted from leather, making them hardwearing enough to appeal to rural workers.

In the eighteenth century, these garments became all the rage with German aristocrats, who wore them while hunting and engaging in other outdoor pursuits. However, they fell out of favour with both the upper classes and those in rural communities during the nineteenth century. They made a comeback in the late 1800s, however, thanks to the popularity of Oktoberfest and the activities of Bavaria’s cultural preservation societies.

Like the dirndl, lederhosen have become extremely fashionable in recent years – and not just as part of the typical Oktoberfest outfit. What's more, they are no longer purely worn by men. Women’s lederhosen now take pride of place in many trachten clothing collections and the cheeky modern versions of these much-loved costumes are always head-turners.

Women's Lederhosen – Styles and Materials

When shopping for trachten lederhosen, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which style of garment you want to wear. Here’s a quick guide to some of the designs you can choose from:

  • Classic lederhosen– For a look that’s in line with tradition, you can opt for knee-length or ¾ length leather pants. These chic trousers will give you a wonderfully long leg line, particularly when worn with high heels.
  • Kniebundlederhose – These knickerbocker-style garments also fall under the heading of Alpine classics. They feature laces at the knee, which pull the fabric in securely. Today, however, you’ll find that shorter garments incorporate these laces for decorative purposes too.
  • Bermuda lederhosen – Like Bermuda shorts, these medium-length pieces exude casual style. Ideal for women who want to display a little leg but keep things elegant, they fall just above the knee. Classy and fashionable, they can be worn to barbecues, to parties or while hiking.
  • Short lederhosen – Whether you wear these sassy Bavarian hot pants to an Oktoberfest event or on the beach, you’ll look sizzling. Perfect for young party-goers, these figure-hugging garments will certainly get you noticed.

These items of clothing are traditionally made from goat’s skin, but there's more than one type of this leather available. You can purchase trachten lederhosen made from:

  • Nubeck leather – Smooth and robust, this will last a long time but is also simple to clean.
  • Suede (or “Ziegenvelour”) – Soft and flexible, suede is rugged yet silky to the touch, so your leather pants will be tough but have a luxurious quality.

Finally, you’ll need to consider whether you want to pick a traditional garment featuring a bib and suspenders or a more contemporary pair that look like shorts. Some of the garments in our collection feature detachable suspenders and bibs, so you can adapt your outfit depending on your mood.

Ways to Wear Lederhosen – Cool Clothing Combinations

One of the best things about trachten lederhosen is that they can be worn in a wide array of ways. If you’re a fan of traditional Alpine style, don them with a blouse. For an even flirtier look, try teaming them with a corsage. They also work beautifully well with trachten jackets, so you can keep warm on the way to and from Oktoberfest events. You can even finish your outfit off with one of our fabulous trachten hats.

Contemporary women's lederhosen don’t just have to be worn with traditional garments, however. The perfect addition to any summer wardrobe, they look amazing with fitted t-shirts and trainers, as well as dainty blouses and ballet pumps. Just add a bag and a pair of sunglasses to complete the look.

Women's Lederhosen – What’s In Vogue in 2020?

While lederhosen have been around for centuries, their designs alter according to trends. Here’s what to look for at the moment:

  • Show-stopping shorts – Smaller is better this year, with mid-length and thigh-length garments proving popular, particularly for Oktoberfest outfits.
  • Cheerful colours – While the traditional brown leather versions are still big sellers, current collections also feature some delightful alternatives. Dare to be different and don a pair in baby blue or hot pink.
  • Enchanting Embroidery – Appealing embroidered embellishments feature prominently this year’s trachten collections. Floral designs are particularly popular.

How Get the Perfect Fit - Top Tips for Lederhosen Buyers

Size is everything when it comes to ensuring that your lederhosen look their best, so choose a pair that’s skin-tight. They are designed to be snug when you first put them on, but the leather will gradually expand, thanks to your body heat, and will stretch as you move. This will give you some extra leeway, particularly around the thighs and buttocks, although the waistband won’t give quite as much. The pieces in our collection come in a variety of sizes, however, so finding a pair to fit you should be simple.

How to Make Sure Your Trachten Lederhosen Stand the Test of Time

This type of garment isn’t supposed to be kept in pristine condition. In fact, the lived-in look is the epitome of style when it comes trachten lederhosen. Scuffs and scratches will add authenticity and give your outfit a fashionable vintage appearance.

While small marks caused by wear and tear are usually celebrated, large beer stains or sweat marks shouldn’t be ignored. Although you can’t machine-wash these pieces, you can remove blemishes from them with ease. Simply use a leather brush or leather cleaning eraser to get the stain out, or spot clean the material using specialist leather soap and lukewarm water before leaving it to dry naturally. If they are emitting an unpleasant odour, hanging them up outside or in a well-aired room should rectify this. For a more thorough clean, take them to a professional.

However, before you clean your garment, make sure that you read the care label on it. The pieces in our collection all come with clear fabric care instructions to help you look after them.