Wedding Dirndl

Wedding Dirndl

Beautiful Wedding Dirndl for 2020

Add Alpine Charm to Your Wedding with Breathtaking Bridalwear from Krüger Dirndl

Your wedding is a magical moment in your life and an occasion to be remembered forever. Our bridalwear collection features a varied selection of enchanting dirndls, so you can find the perfect garment for your big day.

You can buy our impressive yet affordable wedding dirndls from our official dealers or from our bricks and mortar stores in Wernau and Stuttgart. You can also place an order via our online shop and we’ll deliver your chosen bridalwear to your door.

Beautiful Bridal Dirndls - Why Choose a Bavarian Trachten Dress

Whether you’re getting married in a romantic Alpine setting, want to celebrate your or your partner’s Bavarian roots or would just love to wear something a little different for your nuptials, a dirndl could be your dream wedding dress.

Known as “brautdirndl” or “hochzeitsdirndl” in German, this type of dress is a stunning option for any bride looking for an outfit that evokes the magic of fairy tales. Elegant and figure-flattering, these dresses come in an array of styles and lengths, and are available in various materials, including ornate lace and sumptuous silk. Equally suited for wear at civil and church ceremonies, this type of bridal gown exudes sophistication.

Brides on tight budgets will find many affordable pieces in our collection and, depending on the style of dress you choose, you could also wear your bridal dirndl to other parties and events in future, making your money go further.

From the Alps to the Aisle - The Origins of Wedding Dirndls

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Many brides will be aware of the outfit requirements set out in the famous English rhyme. If you’re trying to attract good luck by abiding by them when you tie the knot, a dirndl could fit into first two categories and possibly the final one too.

The wedding dirndl has its origins in the nineteenth century. Now classed as trachten (meaning traditional) clothing, dirndls were three-piece garments worn by peasants in Bavaria and other Alpine regions. Each piece included an apron and a special blouse as well as the dress itself. This type of outfit has been the subject of a revival in recent decades, both as an Oktoberfest outfit and within the trachten collections of fashion designers around the world.

Today’s versions are much more luxurious than the practical workwear pieces that inspired them but share their basic design features. You’ll usually find that the dress and apron come together, but you’ll probably need to buy a separate dirndl blouse. The bridal dirndls in our collection are beautifully contemporary, meeting all the needs of the modern bride, but also retain classic elements, providing you with a blend of up to the minute elegance and the appeal of trachten pieces.

Classic Wedding Dirndl Styles and 2019’s Trends

Wedding dirndls tend to be fabulously feminine. Made from exquisite fabrics, they feature intricate details, such as elaborate embroidery, dreamy ribbons and heavenly ruffles. They come in a range of lengths but tend to be:

  • Midi length (falling below the knee)
  • Maxi length (ending just above the ankle), or
  • Full length (floor length).

Current trends include the use of delicately patterned fabrics and details inspired by nature, such as embroidered flowers, ivy and other plants. “Snow White” collars are also extremely popular; these high collars taper down at the front to form a heart shape which emphasises the décolletage.

As with conventional wedding dresses, white and ivory remain popular choices with brides. However, pastel pinks, pale blues, deep moss greens, and refined silvers and greys are also in vogue.

Bridal Accessories – How to Create the Perfect Ensemble for Your Big Day

Accessories are essential parts of any bridal outfit. When choosing your wedding dirndl, check to see if it comes with a blouse. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to purchase one to wear beneath it. You should also consider buying some specially designed underwear, such as a dirndl bra and a petticoat, to ensure that your dress gives you a wonderful silhouette.

Your choice of shoes will depend upon the length of your wedding dress and the season, but possibilities include upmarket flats, heels and wedges. Satin shoes and footwear featuring glitzy embellishments can add that extra touch of glamour.

Fashionable bridal costume jewellery such as pearl earrings and sparkling crystal tiaras look just as arresting with dirndls as they do with any other style of gown. You can also team your dress with a traditional “brautschleier” or bridal veil. Placing a wreath of fresh or fabric flowers in your hair or wearing a fashionable Bavarian-style choker will give your outfit added Alpine flair.

A handbag is a must-have item for all those little things you want to take with you on the day: your favourite lip gloss, a mirror to check you look your best before your wedding photo session, or a handkerchief in case things get emotional. Choose something that’s simple and stylish or go all out with a colourful Alpine version featuring eye-catching embroidery.

Looking After Your Wedding Dirndl

When you buy a wedding dirndl from Krüger, you’ll want to treasure it forever. Our showstopping bridal pieces are easy to care for, but make sure that you follow the specific fabric care instructions that apply to your garment. Some of our top of the range bridal dirndls may need to be professionally cleaned, while others can be washed and dried at home.

Each Krüger bridal dirndl’s care label features details of exactly what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of washing, drying and ironing your garment. However, many of our pieces can be washed by hand or machine-washed (providing that you use a program with a slow spin and keep the temperature at 30°C or lower). Harsh detergents can cause colours to fade or run, so it’s advisable to avoid using these. Similarly, leaving your garment soaking in the sink or in your washing machine’s drum for longer than necessary can also cause this type of damage. Most of the bridal dirndls in our collection aren’t suitable for tumble drying and should be allowed to drip-dry.

Ensuring that you hang your dress up properly in a suitable location (away from smoke or dust, for example) is also important, whether you're planning to wear it to future events or just want to keep it as a gorgeous reminder of your special day.