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Trachten Jackets

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Make an Impression with a Women’s Trachten Jacket from Krüger Dirndl

We specialise in providing high-quality trachten clothes which exude contemporary style. Our range of women’s trachten jackets includes pieces from an array of designers, including garments that will look the part at the most upmarket of events as well as comfortable jackets for everyday use.

You can purchase our chic trachten jackets from our online store with just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can buy them from official Krüger Dirndl dealers or in person at our Stuttgart and Wernau shops.

What is a Trachten Jacket?

The German term “trachtenjacke” simply means “traditional jacket”. It’s used to refer to a range of different jacket styles which have designs based on "trachten" (traditional Alpine) garments. The women’s versions of these trachten pieces were originally created to be worn over dirndls, the distinctive dresses worn by peasants in the 1800s.

Contemporary versions are beautifully stylish. Fashionistas often wear them to weddings and parties, as well as to Oktoberfest celebrations. They are available in an impressive selection of styles and cuts, so you’ll find casual jackets for a laid-back look, pieces that are perfect for the office and eye-catching garments for your next night on the town.

Types of Trachten Jacket – Styles, Fabrics and Shades

One of the most popular forms of this type of garment is the “trachtenjanker” or “janker”. These are traditionally made of pure wool and tend to be crocheted or chunky knitwear pieces. Finishing at hip length or above, they are cut to flatter the figure. The shorter versions, sometimes known as dirndl jackets, are specifically designed to be worn with the classic dresses, so they finish at the waist. You can also buy fine knit traditional jackets as well “strickjanker” (cardigans). Blazer-style garments, known as “trachtenblazer” are another fashionable type of trachten clothing.

In terms of look, today’s versions of these garments can be rustic, sophisticated or even sporty. Some boast classic round or heart-shaped necklines, while others feature high collars or hoods. You can choose between button-up, zip-up and open pieces too.

While woollen jackets are still available, you can also purchase garments made from plenty of other fabrics, including lightweight linen and timeless denim. Classic versions of the traditional jacket tended to be in muted tones, such as black, grey, brown or green. However, today’s takes on these trachten pieces come in a multitude of shades. Many also feature embellishments, such as statement buttons or lace detail.

How to Wear Trachten Jackets

Trachtenwear is often associated with Oktoberfest and this type of jacket is certainly a fantastic choice for anyone attending a festival event. Practical as well as attention-grabbing, it can be taken off while you’re enjoying the warmth of the bustling beer tent but will keep you cosy on the way home despite the autumn chill. However, modern pieces can be worn in many different settings and are suitable for use throughout the year, making them superb value for money.

The conventional way of wearing this type of garment was to team it with a simple dirndl, but modern versions can be worn in a variety of ways. Formal pieces look stunning over smart shirts and trousers. Add heels or boots to the equation to create an ensemble that’s perfect for work or a night out at a trendy restaurant or bar. You could even don your new garment with Lederhosen to give the rock chick look a contemporary Alpine twist.

Casual trachten jackets can be combined with plain t-shirts or blouses, jeans and flats for a relaxed appearance. Swap your flat shoes for trainers and your jeans for leggings to give your outfit a sporty edge.

Trachten Jacket Trends

When it comes to 2019’s trachten jacket trends, it’s all about the detail. Romantic ribbons, intricate lacing, beautiful bows and broderie anglaise-style embellishments add feminine charm, while strikingly designed collars create intrigue.

This year’s collections feature many pieces with contrasting cuffs and edges, emphasising the enduring appeal of this look, with some pieces also boast contrasting fabric or embroidery on the hems and pocket flaps. Fabrics featuring vibrant patterns are also in vogue.

As far as footwear and accessories are concerned, it’s a case of anything goes. Try adding a floral wreath headband to your outfit if you’re heading to an Oktoberfest celebration. For work or evenings out, keep it classy with some dainty earrings, an understated necklace or an elegant handbag.

How to Keep Your Jacket in Great Condition

Whichever type of jacket you buy, you can ensure that it looks fabulous for longer by taking good care of it. Each trachten garment in our range features a care label detailing how to wash and dry it, as well as stating whether it can be ironed. Follow the instructions carefully to keep the fabric in optimum condition, minimise damage to embellishments and reduce the chances of the colours running or fading.