Dirndl Corsages

Dirndl Corsages

Give Your Trachten Outfits the Edge with Corsages from Krüger Dirndl

When you’re searching for a contemporary dirndl corsage or, as it's also known in Germany, mieder, Krüger Dirndl should be the first place that you look. We stock an extensive range of trachten clothes by various designers, including some bewitching bodices.

The creators of our dirndl corsages have blended elements from traditional German costumes with stunning modern features. Our garments evoke the beauty of romantic Alpine outfits while still being suitable for wear at the most fashionable of events. They can be purchased with ease from our online store and Stuttgart and Wernau shops, as well as from official Krüger stockists.

The Dirndl Corsage – History and Key Features

Feminine and flirty, the dirndl corsage – or mieder – has been one of the hottest trachten clothing trends in recent years. Originally a less popular alternative to standard dirndls, they were designed to go with traditional skirts or with jeans. However, designers soon capitalised on the aesthetic appeal and versatility of these garments by creating ultra-fashionable versions for their collections.

Designed like a corset, this type of top is skin-tight with a low-cut front that shows off your décolletage. Frequently fastened by a zip on the reverse, it usually features delightful decorative lacing on the front. The laces cross from the top of the garment to the bottom, ending in an adorable bow.

Usually cut in the same shape as the top half of a dirndl, a corsage creates a gorgeous silhouette and can be worn with other trachten garments or contemporary clothing items.

Find the Perfect Trachten Bodice

Our collection of dirndl corsages (or trachten mieder) includes pieces in so many styles and shades that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer sophisticated simplicity, funky patterned fabrics or vintage florals, we have garments that you’ll love.

When shopping for a corsage, consider when you’re likely to be wearing it and what you want to team it with. If you’re planning to wear it to an elegant evening occasion, you might want to opt for a more traditional version, while if you’re creating a cheeky Oktoberfest outfit, try something a little sassier.

When ordering your bodice, bear in mind that these garments are supposed to be figure-hugging, so choose one in an appropriate size. If it’s a snug fit when you try it on, don’t worry – that’s exactly how it’s supposed to feel.

What to Wear with Your Modern Corsage

Our contemporary corsages can be worn with an array of different garments, making them cost-effective additions to any fashionista’s wardrobe. Don one with a silky skirt and become a fairy tale princess for a day or pair one with some jeans to create an attention-grabbing streetwear ensemble. Today’s dirndl corsages look just as great when worn with trachten wear at Oktoberfest celebrations as they do with leather trousers in a club or with cut-off jeans on a laid-back summer holiday.

The best thing to wear beneath your bodice is a dirndl blouse and dirndl bra, as these garments will help to emphasise your curves. Just make sure that the blouse you choose works well with your corsage in terms of design and fit as well as colour. Depending on the style of outfit you’re aiming to create, you can add accessories like a choker, floral hair adornment or even a distinctive “trachtenhut” (traditional hat).

Staying Ahead of the Pack – The Latest Dirndl Bodice Trends

Florals have been all the rage when it comes to dirndl corsages for several seasons now. No longer just something that your great-grandmother would have adored, these fabrics will look the part whether you’re going for a contemporary summer Alpine feel or a modern twist on 1950s chic. You’ll also find garments featuring everything from polka dot to love heart motifs, as patterned fabrics of all kinds are currently on trend.

Pastel tones are firm favourites with those in the know this year. However, fashion lovers who want to make a statement will find plenty of pieces in vibrant shades to choose from, including shocking pink and pillar-box red bodices. Subtle ruffles and embroidered details are also currently popular features.

Dirndl Corsage Care Tips

When you purchase a corsage from Krüger Dirndl, you’ll want to wear it time and time again. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that it continues to look it’s best. The optimum way to do this is to follow the fabric care instructions on the garment’s label to reduce the chances of colour fade or other damage occurring.

Our garments commonly need to be washed at low temperatures and left to drip-dry, but exact instructions differ from piece to piece. If you’re already a Krüger customer, don’t assume that your new bodice should be cleaned in the same way as any other items you’ve bought from our impressive trachtenwear range.

Storing your garment carefully is also key if you want to keep it in superb condition. Our pieces are all extremely high-quality, but as with any other item of clothing, it’s best to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight or keeping them in environments that are smoky, dusty or damp.