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      Captivating Dirndl Petticoats - Add Finesse to Your Dirndl or Trachten Skirt

      A dirndl petticoat is an undergarment that’s designed to be worn beneath the classic Bavarian dress. Pretty and practical, this underwear essential will add allure to your trachten outfit by improving its shape.

      Our online store boasts a superb underskirt collection, so you’re sure to find one to go with your dirndl or skirt. Our website is user-friendly, enabling you to buy these affordable pieces directly from us with ease. We also sell our petticoat skirts in our Stuttgart shop, as well as in our store in Wernau. Many of our official suppliers stock them too.

      The History of the Dirndl Petticoat

      Petticoats have been around since the fourteenth century, but the original versions of these garments were designed to be on show. However, by the sixteenth century, women in England and some other countries could be found wearing underpetticoats.

      Petticoat styles have come and gone over the centuries and these pieces have been worn in a variety of ways by women around the world. In Regency England, for example, dresses were narrow, so slimline petticoats were worn to stop them from clinging to the legs. In the 1830s, however, wealthy Englishwomen donned layers of thick underpetticoats to exaggerate the shape of their fashionable full skirts.

      In Bavaria, dirndl-wearers required their undergarments to be practical, keeping them warm while they were working in the chilly mountain air. Therefore, their underpetticoats tended to be made from thick material and worn in layers. Today, the key role of a petticoat skirt is to enhance a dirndl’s look, however, so contemporary versions are designed with that in mind.

      Modern dirndl underskirts have more in common with the tulle petticoats worn by rock and roll fans in the 1950s. Designed to make a dress or skirt seem fuller, the dirndl underskirt, like the rockabilly petticoat, allows your skirt to swing so you’ll look stunning on the dancefloor. They can be worn with up-to-the-minute garments based on the traditional Alpine dress or, for those who prefer to wear separates, with the latest Bavarian-inspired skirts.

      Contemporary Krüger Dirndl Petticoats – Lengths, Styles and Materials

      Today’s dirndl underskirts are cleverly designed to give your skirt more volume while being strong and reliable. Fluffy and flirty, this type of undergarment is a must-have piece whether you’re wearing a dirndl or a trachten skirt. You can buy black pieces for use under dark coloured dirndls and skirts, or white versions to wear with light coloured pieces.

      You’ll find mini-dirndls, midi-dirndls and maxi-dirndls on the market, as well as dirndl skirts in a variety of lengths, so make sure you choose a petticoat skirt to match. Our outstanding underwear range includes petticoats measuring from 50cm to 80cm in length, so you can find one that will work beautifully with your outfit. The exact length that you'll need will depend upon your skirt length, but those opting to show off their legs by wearing a sexy mini-dirndl will usually need to consider underskirts in the 50cm category, while maxi-dirndl fans will find that 80cm options are more appropriate options.

      This type of undergarment frequently features sections of material, each of which contribute to its functionality. The narrowest of these is at the waist. This section tends to be made from stronger material than the sections below and is opaque to prevent your underpants from showing through. The waistband is normally elasticated, so your petticoat skirt will fit perfectly and be comfortable to wear. The lower bands of material are usually made of lighter fabric, such as chiffon or lace, with the petticoat getting increasingly wider the lower you look. This creates a floaty effect and makes your dirndl or skirt appear more voluminous.

      If you’re looking for an undergarment that exudes romance, a tulle petticoat may be the perfect choice. Not only will a tulle petticoat look feminine and frothy, the stiffness of the mesh material will also give your skirt or dress a fabulous shape.

      Dirndl Petticoats – Undergarments To Help You Stay on Trend

      Wearing a dirndl or a trachten skirt without a suitable petticoat is a real fashion faux-pas. Tradition dictates that these types of garment should be teamed with three vital pieces of underwear to ensure that they look their best: the dirndl bra, a pair of dirndl bloomers or underpants and a petticoat skirt. You can also wear tights beneath your petticoat, however, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of your legs being on display or to stop you from getting cold.

      Not only are petticoats key features of well-planned trachten outfits, they are also indispensable undergarments for fashionistas everywhere. No longer simply associated with Oktoberfest – although they are still sensational choices for anyone attending the famous celebrations – dirndls and other pieces inspired by trachten garments have become firm favourites with style-conscious women in recent years. Whether you’re opting for a short, sassy dirndl, a figure-flattering dirndl corsage and skirt combination, or even a luxurious wedding dirndl, a petticoat skirt will enhance it.

      Vintage style is in vogue and dirndl petticoats have a wonderful retro vibe. Wearing a tulle petticoat can give a skirt or dress a funky 1950s feel, while teaming a frilly underskirt that falls slightly lower than your hem with a floral dirndl - a style of dress that's undergoing a revival at the moment - can add charm. However, remember that your petticoat should complement your dirndl, rather distracting from it. Your dirndl should always be the focal point of your ensemble.

      Why Choose a Petticoat from Krüger Dirndl

      Our extensive selection of undergarments includes some delightful dirndl petticoats in a range of sizes and lengths. These exquisite pieces will suit women of all shapes and heights, ensuring that their skirts look fabulous while giving them gorgeous silhouettes.

      When you choose a petticoat from Krüger Dirndl, you’ll be buying from experts. We’ve been in business for more than 60 years and specialise in selling chic, innovative garments which retain key elements synonymous with trachten style. Our high-quality underskirts will help you to create a more waspish waistline and will work with our appealing dirndls and skirts to display your figure to maximum effect.

      Our underpetticoats are also simple to clean: just pay close attention to the fabric care instructions on your new petticoat’s label.