Trachten Waistcoats
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Trachten Waistcoats

Stylish Trachten Waistcoats for Lederhosen & Co.

Modern Trachten Waistcoats for Men

Discover Trachten waistcoats for men: suitable for every occasion

Trachten is the distinctively rugged traditional costume worn in the Alpine regions of Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. Everyone has heard of Lederhosen with their distinctive front bib and braces. Waistcoats, however, are another important part of this historic outfit. As with all elements of Trachten, men's traditional waistcoats are cut in a classic style and made from natural fibres, such as wool, linen and leather; materials that are comfortable to wear as well as being durable and hardwearing. Historically men's gilets were practical garments for working men. They allowed the arms to move freely whilst keeping the torso warm in challenging weather conditions.

Different styles of Trachten vest

The traditional vest is one of the classics of Alpine clothing. The traditional vest and gilet are available in different materials. If you prefer the woollen version, you will love the costume knit vest made of the finest wool. If you would like a more robust and sturdy vest, a real leather vest is highly recommended as it will last a lifetime. All Kruger Trachten jackets for men are perfect for wearing with leather trousers. They are, so to speak, the icing on the cake when it comes to wearing a good-looking costume outfit. In addition, the beautiful vest is good for keeping warm in chilly weather. The knitted gilet from the costume collection is especially effective at providing a woolly warmth. You can wear a Trachten vest over a traditional shirt if it is still too cold to feel comfortable with just a T-shirt. A traditional waistcoat and the Trachten jackets are true all-rounders and promise optimal wearing comfort for a variety of occasions. One thing is for sure, the traditional Trachten vest is unlikely to remain unworn in your wardrobe.

Trachten jackets for those who like to mix it up

One of the reasons why Trachten jackets are so enduringly popular is their ability to be styled and worn in a very individual way. The entire Trachten ensemble consists of various elements that can be easily combined to create numerous different looks and the Trachten vest is a prime example. You can wear the attractive jacket with a pair of jeans and over a modern T-shirt for a weekend smart-casual look that is perfect for a night out. You could opt for a waistcoat with a satin sheen for a more formal occasion with a pair of smart trousers. Equally, the entire Trachten costume from the hat to the "Haferl-Schuhe" brogues never fails to look impressive, especially when worn at the Oktoberfest or other occasions calling for the traditional Alpine costume. It cannot be denied that the traditional gilet is an essential element, perhaps because of its striking appearance.
Choose from an extensive range of colours and styles at Kruger. The Trachten jackets are available in strong colours, such as green, scarlet, blue and grey; although earthy russets and browns are also very popular. Why not choose a waistcoat and a jacket in contrasting colours for an eclectic yet stylish look?

Attention to detail is the secret to our Trachten vests

In the Krüger online store, you will find a variety of traditional gilets from historic designs to more modern and casual vests. As a traditional outfitter, we offer authentic men's waistcoats in many different colours. Our vests are characterised by exquisite attention to detail. "Hirschkopferl" and "Schützenkönig", for example, are made of velvety soft cotton and are lavished with detailed embroidery. Meanwhile, the "Jagdaufseher" has a traditional cut and features understated stag appliques.

Other popular Trachten vests include:

  • The "Festprinz" This is extremely comfortable to wear and is available in anthracite and brown. The selected embroidered appliqués on the back give the vest a special touch. The feather-light quilted vest also provides impressive levels of warmth. It is perfect for wearing with combination with traditional trousers and matching shoes, whilst also working well for everyday situations. The superset pockets with velcro fastenings are suitable for keeping your smartphone, keys or wallet safe and secure.
  • The "Jungjäger" The "Jungjäger" is a vest with colour-coded pocket slots and chic stand-up collar embodies the absolute traditional look and certainly cuts a dashing figure. The vest features contrasting buttons. It's a traditional vest for men made of cotton and is available in four bold colours, and is sure to become a firm favourite.
  • The "Weste Fridolin" The "Weste Fridolin" is one of several jackets offered by Kruger Dirndl Online Shop which is made from an attractively coarse linen. Its natural light brown colour enables the wearer to instantly look rugged and cool in the manner of a hunter or a woodsman. The horn buttons and discreet embroidery look good in an understated way.

The Krüger Dirndl Online Shop offers a variety of different national vests in various materials, colours and styles. Of course, all garments are fully lined and are made to the highest standards. With this exceptional selection, there is sure to be something to suit every taste.