About Krüger Dirndl

We at the Krüger Dirndl GmbH offer you the right Dirndl for every occasion. Whether simple, festive or extravagant - in our Dirndl fashion, lovers can feel the valuable experience of decades of production in small numbers. For more than 50 years the Krüger brand for Dirndl has been in exclusive quality. Gerhard Krüger founded the company in Berchtesgaden. Since 2007 Krüger Dirndl GmbH has been manufacturing and selling the Krüger brand with many employees. Designer Marina Moderegger who has been with Krüger for more than 20 years, continues to emphasize our Dirndl collections. Traditionally the Dirndl continue to be handmade. Through the small series the Dirndl fashion by Krüger retains a exclusive character.

The Krüger Dirndl's spring/summer 2023 collection focuses on festive shades that respond to the resurgent desire to celebrate. The new dirndls are both playful and elegant. They are accompanied by trendy pearl or high-quality satin aprons, which are adorned with elaborate buckles in addition to the classic bow. The high-quality fabrics and exquisite cuts are carried through to the traditional shirts: They become special eye-catchers with luxurious button bands.

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  • In the COLLECTION dirndls of Krüger's spring/summer 2023 collection, new trends meet long tradition: the focus here is on elegant bodices without lacing. The classic element is replaced by unusual fabrics, especially velvet, and unique patterns as well as romantic embroidery, which give the traditional costume an even more exclusive look. Extravagant peplums are also experiencing a revival this season - in direct contrast to the equally revamped linen aprons. Dirndl blouses are all about feminine lace and voluminous sleeves, to which aprons with Aztec details add a folkloric touch.

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  • From fir green to sky blue to vermilion: the MADL dirndls in Krüger's spring/summer 2023 collection captivate with their expressive, bold colours, but also floral prints. A harmonious colour palette defines the look - for example with a matching lace blouse or completely in powder shades. More and more, leather trousers are also back in fashion, especially in combination with ruffled blouses in the trendy boho look, but also traditional blouses with a deep V-neck. The shorter hemline is also making a comeback in the more youthful dirndl, but this does not mean that it loses any of its elegance or versatility.

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  • Classic and contemporary at the same time is the BUAM Tracht of Krüger's spring/summer 2023 collection. In addition to durability, the leather trousers focus on noble embroidery as well as cool and warm colours - from traditional brown to fashionable grey. Shirts are less striking this season: calm colours and special details, such as stand-up collars or inner cuffs, come to the fore, but the checked shirt also remains a tried-and-tested classic. Colour-coordinated waistcoats or contrasting ones in jacquard round off the rustic look, as do coarse jackets or festive jankers.

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  • Krüger Kids is our collection for little girls and boys. The collection includes all product ranges from children's dirndls to leather trousers and traditional blouses. Modern washes, special processing techniques, decorative seams and prints further enhance the designs. In general, 2023 appears fresh, masculine-rustic and finely thought-out.


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