About Krüger Dirndl

We at the Krüger Dirndl GmbH offer you the right Dirndl for every occasion. Whether simple, festive or extravagant - in our Dirndl fashion, lovers can feel the valuable experience of decades of production in small numbers. For more than 50 years the Krüger brand for Dirndl has been in exclusive quality. Gerhard Krüger founded the company in Berchtesgaden. Since 2007 Krüger Dirndl GmbH has been manufacturing and selling the Krüger brand with many employees. Designer Marina Moderegger who has been with Krüger for more than 20 years, continues to emphasize our Dirndl collections. Traditionally the Dirndl continue to be handmade. Through the small series the Dirndl fashion by Krüger retains a exclusive character.

Saying goodbye to summer can be so beautiful - Krüger Dirndl's new autumn/winter collection shows an exciting play of contrasts. Large-scale patterns, fine embroidery, bold colours and muted earth tones reflect the versatility and richness of the coming season. The presence of dominant design elements runs through the entire collection and is thematically taken up in loving details and embellishments. 

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  • With oriental patterns of floral tendrils, drops and plant motifs, the Krüger COLLECTION picks up on the current paisley trend. Translated into classically elegant cuts, the result is an exciting dynamic that combines trend and tradition. The selected colour palette covers the entire colour spectrum from warm to cool with intense combinations as well as subtle nuances. This sets the scene for the high-quality mix of materials that are used above all in the Dirndl blouses. Coarse lace, transparent fabrics and smooth cotton are given an extravagant touch by trims and figure-hugging seams. Additional coloured models stand out from the collection and complete the perfect traditional look.

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  • The MADL collection plays with the vibrancy of strong colours and the softness of subtle neutrals. Striking patterns and floral prints are underlined with lovely elements and prove that delicacy does not have to go hand in hand with restraint. On the contrary, the stylish dirndls inspire bold individuality. Embroidered bodices meet ornate aprons and detailed appliqués, emphasising the refined style. From romantic to expressive, there are no limits to creativity. Eye-catching traditional blouses with ruffles, lace or in full colour make the right stylish statement. But leather trousers are also making a grand entrance again. Combined with a blouse or bodice, the classic becomes a special eye-catcher.

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  • Men can also look forward to classic styles and intricate embroidery in the new BUAM collection. The focus is on ornate designs that have been lovingly worked into the durable leather. Shades of brown, green and blue are muted, but in all their facets. Colour-matched shirts and waistcoats offset the opulence of the large motifs with smaller patterns, creating an exciting harmony. The colourful ornaments of the embroidery are echoed in accents on the button placket or collar, adding an elegant touch. The attention to detail is taken to the extreme with sumptuous accessories, adding a modern extravagance to the traditional style.

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  • Krüger Kids is our collection for little girls and boys. The collection includes all product ranges from children's dirndls to leather trousers and traditional blouses. Modern washes, special processing techniques, decorative seams and prints further enhance the designs. In general, 2023 appears fresh, masculine-rustic and finely thought-out.


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