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Bavarian Shirts for Men

The Trachten Shirt - essential when wearing Lederhosen

Functional, robust and well-made; these are the qualities that are associated with Trachten shirts for men. They are a true Alpine classic and Trachten translates very well to any modern man's wardrobe.

Tracht refers to the traditional costume of Austria and Bavaria where it was worn from at least the sixteenth century. The garments were made from natural materials, such as wool, leather, and linen - hard-wearing masculine fabrics suitable for a hard-wearing mountainous lifestyle. Men's Bavarian shirts were originally made from white linen but were decorated with personal embroideries and trimmings denoting the owner's marital status, clanship and more. During the industrial revolution, which took place in the mid-nineteenth century in Trachten-wearing countries, traditional native costume began to disappear as cheap factory-made products became increasingly popular. However, by the end of the nineteenth century, many folk societies led a strong resurgence of interest in the dress that has remained an important part of national identity to this day. Most of the checkered shirts sold by Kruger feature such Bavarian motifs. Even if you are a visitor, wearing such a shirt is the ideal way of feeling part of things and adding another dimension to the experience of Oktoberfest.

A Trachten shirt usually features a checkered pattern in red, green or blue with white. The check pattern can be fine to very coarse. Another typical feature is the roll-up sleeves - a useful and functional feature that made the life of a hard-working mountain man that little bit easier. A subtle breast pocket and a rustic button placket, with real staghorn buttons, decorate the shirtfront and round off the outfit. The classic traditional shirt is mostly made of cotton and thus ensures a high degree of wearing comfort, which is perfect for a visit to the annual Oktoberfest.

Traditional shirts with a modern twist

These men's traditional shirts are no longer just a classic garment that is stuck in the past. Every year new, stylish traditional shirts are designed in a modified form.

This opens up a whole realm of possibilities. The stand-up collar shirt, for example, can also be monochrome. If you like to experiment with fashion, you can opt for other patterns, such as fine deer patterns and subtle floral prints - all in keeping with the Bavarian theme but with a nod to current trends. If you like fashion but prefer to keep it simple, you can also do without a patterned fabric completely and opt for a plain shirt.

Various embroidered details, casual patches on the elbow and a colourful sleeve tags complete the outfit.

The fit is usually close-fitting and very flattering. You can also wear a Trachten shirt under a waistcoat and a traditional jacket for an authentic and stylish Bavarian look.

Respecting Tradition

Those who prefer to keep to the old traditions when it comes to Trachten will love our authentic linen shirts. These traditional shirts are a little more loosely cut, usually in white or beige and have a half button placket or rustic lacing in the chest area. The traditional buttons are made of deer horn and underline the rustic look.

How to Style a Traditional Shirt

The traditional shirt for a casual visit to the Cannstatter Wasen - making this style your own couldn't be more simple. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Grab your favourite leather Lederhosen, some brogues, a pair of costume socks and your checked traditional checkered shirt with rolled-up sleeves.
  • The traditional shirt is traditionally worn with Lederhosen, so the bib of your leather pants should be optimally in view. The shirt sleeves should be rolled up.
  • The stand-up collar should be ironed and stand upright. To emphasize the casual look, don't button the traditional Trachten shirt all the way up.

Traditional Trachten shirts for the sporty leisure look

Grab your favourite pair of weekend jeans, cool trainers and a plain traditional shirt. The traditional checkered fabric can be fine checkered or plain-coloured and decorated with stylish highlights. These might include a fine pattern, plaid cuffs or a checkered button placket, but less is more is a good rule of thumb. Trachten shirts are comfortable to wear and easy to care for - whether you intend to spend the weekend hiking in the Bavarian mountains or enjoying yourself in the beer garden. A Trachten checkered shirt also looks cool and casual when teamed with a pair of Bermuda shorts or conventional trousers.

Traditional Trachten Shirt Trends

The traditional checkered shirts are currently flying off the shelves. However, if you feel like something a little bit different, you will be well served with simple stand-up collar shirts and special details. These Trachten shirts are distinguished by contrasting colours and a mix of different patterns. The cuffs, for example, can have a completely different pattern or a fresh, different contrasting colour.

How to care for Trachten shirts

It is pretty normal for Trachten garments to become soiled with beer slops and spills after a heavy night's drinking at the Oktoberfest. Luckily, our shirts at Kruger are made from a hardwearing and durable cotton that can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.


The traditional shirt can be combined with many things and is a timeless classic. All men should have at least one in their wardrobe. One traditional shirt can be used as a base for many different looks, while various materials, colours and patterns guarantee an alternative for every occasion.

Whether you opt to team it with Lederhosen, shorts, jeans or even a wedding suit - you will always feel comfortable and stylish. Uncomplicated and chic. The traditional shirt you can depend on.