• Order
    • How do I know if my order was successful?

      You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail at the latest 15 minutes after completion of your order.

    • Is it still possible to change my order?

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to change orders that have already been placed. We cannot add or remove the size or color of an item, the payment method, or the item itself. You may still be able to cancel your order.

    • Can I place an order by phone or e-mail?

      Orders by e-mail or telephone are unfortunately not possible.

    • Is there a minimum order value?

      No, there is no minimum order value.

    • How can I pay?

      All current payment methods: paypal, credit card, iDeal, giropay, Sofort-Überweisung, prepayment, direct debit and installment purchase.

    • I would like to exchange an item from my order. What do I have to do?

      An exchange is not possible. Please order your desired product again in our online shop.

    • Are the items in the shopping cart automatically reserved?

      Adding items to the shopping cart does not guarantee that the item will be reserved or available.

    • I have already transferred the amount and received a reminder by e-mail. Didn't my money arrive?

      If you have received a reminder per e-mail with the payment method prepayment and you already transferred the money, you can ignore the e-mail.

    • Has the return deadline expired and would you like to complain about the article?

      Please send us an e-mail and send us photos of the article and please explain clearly your complaint.

    • Can I still cancel my order?

      Cancellation is not always possible. Your order can be cancelled without any problems if you have selected the payment method prepayment when placing your order and the transfer has not yet been made. If you have chosen one of the other payment methods when placing your order, we can try to cancel your order if our logistician has not yet packed and shipped your package. Please contact us immediately by telephone: +49 7153 3484020 or by mail to [email protected]

    • Why was my order cancelled?

      Orders may be cancelled if the ordered goods are not available or faulty within the process and we have noticed this prior to shipment. In this case you will of course be notified by e-mail.

    • When do I get my money back if I cancel my order?

      If you have cancelled your order or an item is not available in exceptional cases, we will refund the amount paid immediately.

    • Is there a quantity discount on larger orders?

      For orders of 10 or more people, you can contact our customer service for a quantity discount. Please contact our customer service before placing your order.

    • Can I still change my delivery address after ordering?

      Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible if you have a change of address. If the item in your order has not yet been packed and shipped, we can still change your delivery address. To do this, customer service will check the order status of your order. If a change of address was still possible, you will receive information from our customer service. As the change of address is made directly by our logistics provider, your shipping confirmation will still show your old delivery address. However, your new delivery address is correctly stored with DHL/UPS.

    • Can I delete my customer account?

      You can easily delete your account yourself by logging into your account and selecting "Delete account" in the menu. There you have to carry out the deletion. You will then receive an e-mail confirming the deletion of your account.

  • Payment & Vouchers
    • How does the payment method purchase on account work?

      You can choose the payment method purchase on account for an order value of at least 10€ and a maximum amount of 400€. The payment term is 30 days, which means that the amount must be transferred to our payment service provider Unzer within 30 days. Please be sure to state the intended purpose when making the transfer. Please note: Please only state the reason for payment, otherwise we will not be able to allocate your payment. If you have any further questions about purchasing on account, please contact our customer service.

    • How does prepayment work?

      Within the order process you select the payment method "prepayment" and send the order. We will show you the necessary account and reference data on the order confirmation email sent to you. Very important: Please indicate the payment reference in the intended purpose, so that your payment can be assigned directly to your order! The invoice amount should be transferred to the specified account within 10 days. As soon as the amount has been credited to our system, you will receive an invoice by e-mail and your order has been automatically sent to our logistics provider. If we do not post the invoice amount in our system after the specified time, your order will automatically be cancelled.

    • How does payment by Sofort-Überweisung work?

      Sofort-Überweisung is a direct transfer procedure. Anyone with online banking can use it. Within the order process, you select Sofort-Überweisung as the payment method and send the order. You will then be redirected to the secure area of Sofort-Überweisung certified by TÜV. The 'form' displayed there already contains all necessary information about your order. You enter the bank code number of your bank and then go to 'Next'. Then you will be asked to enter your account number and your online banking PIN. Then enter the necessary TAN and confirm the process. The debit from your account takes place immediately and is booked directly with us in the system. You will then be redirected to our confirmation page, which confirms that your order was successful.

    • How does payment and refund by credit card work? And what is the 3D-Secure procedure?

      Depending on the billing method of your credit card, the amount will be charged directly to your account or only with your next monthly credit card statement. The credit of your return will also be credited to your credit card account. Again, it depends on the billing type of your credit card. If you have a credit card with monthly billing, it may be that the amount is only visible on your next statement. The data is transferred via SSL encryption.
      The 3D-Secure procedure increases the security when paying with your credit card on the Internet. In addition to the credit card number and the check digit, electronic payments must also be confirmed with this procedure. This can be done using a password, a TAN or a fingerprint.

    • How does payment with Apple Pay work?

      If you use an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, you can select the Apple Pay payment method. To do so, select Apple Pay and click on the button "Pay with Apple Pay". Now select the desired credit card if you have several credit cards on file and do not want to use the standard card. If necessary, enter your billing, delivery and contact details. The information is saved in Apple Pay. You do not have to enter the information again. Then confirm the payment using Face ID or Touch ID, depending on the device you are using. You may have to press the side button twice first.

    • When can I use the IDEAL payment method?

      The IDEAL payment method can only be used in the Netherlands and Belgium. A bank account from one of the participating banks is required.

    • Why can I not select instalment purchase for my order?

      An order with the payment method instalment purchase can only be placed from an order value of 150€.

    • Where can I enter the discount code?

      Enter the discount code in the last step of the checkout process. In the "Discount" or "Enter discount code" field, you can enter your voucher/discount code and apply the discount to your order. The discount amount will then be displayed in the order overview.

  • Delivery
    • How long will the delivery of my order take?

      All information about the delivery of your order can be found on our delivery & shipping page:

    • Can I have my order delivered to a DHL packing station?

      Yes, if you order with normal shipping, we ship by DHL, then delivery to a packing station is possible. If you choose express shipping, your package will be shipped with UPS, then no delivery to a packing station is possible.

    • What happens if the parcel could not be delivered?

      In the event that the package could not be delivered, the package will be returned to our logistician as a return and we will refund the amount after receipt of the return and inform you by email.

    • When will I receive my parcel?

      We want you to receive your order as soon as possible. After receipt of your order in our system (with prepayment after receipt of payment) your order is automatically forwarded to our logistics service and processed there. As soon as your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation including tracking and tracing by e-mail. In the shipment tracking you can then inform yourself when the order will arrive.

    • When will I receive my package if I order by express shipping?

      In the course of the next 1-2 working days the order will be delivered to you via UPS. The order must be placed by 12 noon (mon-fri) and a delivery to a DHL packing station is then not possible.

  • Products & Stock
    • Are single aprons available?

      No, the aprons are always produced together with the Dirndl and therefore not available separately.

    • Are blouse, accessoires and apron included in the Dirndl purchase?

      The apron is included, the dirndl blouse and accessoires are not. You have to buy them seperately.

    • Is an out of stock item available again later?

      Sold out items may soon be available again due to subsequent deliveries or returns. Reliable statements about this are not possible. You are welcome to call us or send us an e-mail, then we will take a look for you.

    • Which size should I choose?

      Here you can take a look at our size chart: As a tip, our dirndls tend to be larger, so order one size smaller or two sizes to choose from. Our dirndls can also be extended up to one size by letting the fabric out on the side.

    • Is the dirndl defective when the little buttons for the apron have fallen off?

      No, you should cut off the two transparent buttons anyway after receiving the Dirndl, because they are only meant for the transport of the apron and the apron should be worn directly on the waist when wearing it.

    • I have lost my tie string / corset hook / button. Where can I get a replacement?

      Send us an email to [email protected] and please tell us what you are missing and send us the article number of your product (it is on the washing label) and your address so that we can send the replacement by mail.

    • Can I reserve an item?

      No, we do not offer reservations of items.

  • Return & Refund
    • How do I return my order?

      You can find all the information you need about returning your order on our returns page:

    • When will I get my money back?

      Refunds vary greatly between payment methods. With PayPal the money is directly available again on your PayPal account, with other payment methods it can take up to several working days. When refunding the amount back to your credit card, the amount may not be visible until your next monthly credit card statement.

    • How do I get my money back?

      If you pay by credit card, the amount will be credited to your credit card. If you pay with PayPal, the amount will be credited to your PayPal account. If you pay by prepayment, direct debit, installment purchase & instant transfer, the amount will be credited back to your bank account.

    • If I don't like an item, can I send it back?

      Of course you can send back unworn articles within 30 days to us.

    • I have returned items, when will I get my money back?

      The returns will be sent to our logistician and he will send us the returns after two til three business days. When we have received and processed your return, you will receive an invoice correction by email. Then the money has already been refunded via the same payment method you used to purchase from us. After processing, it can take up to 10 business days until you can see the refunded amount on your account.

    • Can I also complain or return my online order to the Krüger Dirndl Store in Wernau and vice versa?

      Unfortunately, for technical and organisational reasons, complaints, exchanges or returns of online orders are not possible in our Krüger Dirndl Store in Wernau.

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