Krüger Dirndl - Philosophy

Krüger Dirndl GmbH - Three brands and a unique appearance.

The brands Krüger MADL, Krüger COLLECTION and Krüger BUAM are perfect for your special event.
Each collection serves a different style, so they all have the perfect look.

The "COLLECTION" collection

COLLECTION - an appearance with grace, style and quite a lot of charm.
If you are looking for classic elegant Dirndl, you will find it in the "Krüger COLLECTION" collection. Features of this Dirndl line are above all the simple elegance paired with refined details and strong colors, as well as combinations of noble fabrics and traditional cotton dessins. Perfectly complement the tradition and modern influences in this collection.

The "MADL" collection

MADL - young, dynamic and sexy.
The MADL collection is the Krüger event collection and is aimed especially at younger wearers with a high level of awareness of trends. Color contrasts, pattern mixes and unusual style blends dominate the "MADL" collection.

The "BUAM" collection

BUAM - rustic and modern
Under the label "Krüger BUAM" you can find the perfect costume outfits for men. This collection surprises with new designs and presents cool, casual Almcouture, the perfect counterpart to the young MADL line.

The "KIDS" collection

In addition to the three major brands "Krüger MADL", "Krüger BUAM" and "Krüger COLLECTION" the company also presents the collection "Krüger KIDS".
In this collection Krüger Dirndl offers stylish, high-quality and trendy children's clothing for boys and girls. The "KIDS" are sweet dresses, breechy leather pants, shirts or even casual sneakers.
This collection is for mini-fashionistas and small gentlemen who want to feel like the big ones and look out.
With the new children's collection Krüger Dirndl also wants to make the little ones happy.
Especially the new sneakers are an absolute must-have in the "KIDS" collection.
With beautiful flower patterns and beautiful colors, the girls 'shoes are a real eye-catcher, while the modern boys' shoes are rustic, casual and cool.

Krüger Dirndl - History

The company Krüger Dirndl was founded more than 60 years ago by Gerhard Krüger in the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden. It was bought in 1998 by Thomas and Fritz Henne, who produced the Swabian country house fashion. At the time of the takeover, both family companies were already able to look back on a tradition of about 40 years.
In 2007 the company was renamed Krüger Dirndl GmbH and since then led by Thomas Henne together with the sons Benjamin and Dominik Henne. Since that time, the headquarters of Krüger Dirndl GmbH have been located in Wernau near Stuttgart.
Today as it was then, the outstanding quality and a sure flair for fashion is the trademark of Krüger. Several designers are responsible for the various Krüger collections and are constantly developing the most beautiful costume designs again and again.

Today as then, the outstanding quality is the trademark of Krüger Dirndl.
Over the past few years, the company has developed into one of the largest and most innovative producers of traditional costumes in Germany.
If you are looking for modern, high-quality costumes, you can not miss Krüger Dirndl. The selection is large and varied. With the Outletstore in Wernau, the store in Stuttgart, the Krüger dealers and the own Onlineshop, the company is always close to its customers and offers the right thing for every occasion.
Several designers work together to design the various Krüger collections and are constantly looking for new ideas and individual looks. The traditional elements of the costume are never lost sight of, because precisely the interplay of tradition and trend makes the Krüger charm.
Twice a year the three in-house costume collections are made, once in the spring / summer and once in the autumn / winter. They are then presented to the customers at numerous trade fairs.